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About me

Hi, I’m Ria and I read a lot of books, I love stories and enjoy a good deal of TV and movies and comics - stories in any form really. Of course, that means I’m also reading a lot of fanfic. This journal is going to be my little fandom place, where I rec the stories I came across that I liked very much or where I’ll revisit old favorites of mine.

I mostly read here at livejournal and on AO3, and sometimes branch out in the old fashioned way I used to do, looking for single fandom archives and the like where they still exist.

The fandoms I love include:

  • Doctor Who

  • Highlander

  • Final Fantasy fandoms (especially VII, VIII and IX)

  • Lord of the Rings

  • Star Trek

  • Star Wars

  • DC Comics fandoms

  • Marvel Comics fandoms

  • and whatever else crosses my mind at the moment and that can be a variation of small book fandoms, yuletide fandoms and big juggernaut “hip” at the moment fandoms.

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