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Marvel (MCU): Wit Without a Conscience Equipped (Fic)

Fandom: Marvel (MCU)

Title: Wit Without a Conscience Equipped
Author: coricomile
Characters/Pairings: Steve Rogers/Tony Stark
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Word count: 7816
Summary: The cabin is small and quaint and almost charming. It looks very postcard-like with its fireplace and stuffed moose head and honest to god bear skin rug. There's no Internet or phone service this far out in Nowhere, Canada, but Tony doesn't actually need either of those things to survive. No, really.

Why I like it: This fic is a must-read for MCU Steve/Tony fans in my opinion. At one point in this Tony wonders if what they go through here is their "PTSD moment" and nothing more - but it is exactly that AND SO MUCH MORE.

Tony and Steve crash after a mission and end stuck, snowed-in in a small cabin in Canada with snow and ice surrounding them. Steve, being who he is, deals not well being stuck under snow and ice for obvious reasons, Tony can emphasize and so they try to keep busy. There's wonderful clothes sharing, bonding and wonderfully described growing intimacy between them. In another fic I might have found the mention of pop-culture references like Fifty Shades off putting (and I frequently have that problem with MCU fic), but in this fic it was used in such a funny way that I even had to smile at Steve ending up reading them.

It's a wonderful fic about attraction, the complications of PTSD and people stuck together in closed quarters.

Link: Wit Without a Conscience Equipped
Tags: ch: steve rogers, ch: tony stark, fandom: marvel (mcu), length: medium, pairing: steve/tony, rating: teen and up audiences

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