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Marvel (MCU): To Strike A Match (Fic)

Fandom: Marvel (MCU)

Title: To Strike A Match
Author: 51stcenturyfox
Characters/Pairings: Steve Rogers/Tony Stark
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Word count: 5191
Summary: The marks that appeared on nearly every human one day weren’t very obvious -- a pattern resembling the whorl of a fingerprint and almost as unique, on the inner wrist, tinted the color of coal-black ink. Almost as unique, because everyone was supposed to have a match somewhere on earth, and when the match was found, with a solid press of bared wrist to wrist, mark to mark, the pattern disappeared.

Why I like it: This is a wonderful take on the now common soulmate tropes where marks identify the people meant for each other. There is a cool worldbuilding idea here, that this is not just a concept that always existed, but something that suddenly happens to the whole world and media and people react to it in different ways. Tony, of course, is a skeptic - Steve, on the other hand has already lots of other things to deal with and it seems the super soldier serum makes it impossible for him to even have a mark.

The build up for the misunderstanding was really nicely prepared and it all grew nicely out of the characterization and out of their personal issues. It's a very fund and sweet read that I can heartily recommend.

Link: To Strike A Match
Tags: ch: steve rogers, ch: tony stark, fandom: marvel (mcu), length: medium, medium: fic, pairing: steve/tony, rating: teen and up audiences, slash

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