October 21st, 2015

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Marvel (MCU): The Woman in the Red Dress

Fandom: Marvel (MCU), Captain America (Movies)

Title: The Woman in the Red Dress
Author: raise_the_knife/Starfire (kalypsobean)
Characters/Pairings: Peggy Carter/Steve Rogers
Rating: Not Rated
Word count: 2422
Summary: The first time he wakes up knowing that he's in the twenty-first century, he thinks of Peggy, and wonders what she would have thought of all this.

Why I like it: Light angst ahead. This is a short but very sweet look at how Steve goes from the confused Super soldier who just woke up in present day New York who missed his chance at romance, to the man who meets an older Peggy Carter again. It's sad, but it's also sweet and Natasha's involvement in this makes absolute sense and adds a nice additional touch.

Link: The Woman in the Red Dress